Lumpy Ferroalloys

The commercialisation of a wide range of ferroalloys for both the iron and steel industry and the foundry sector is COMETAL’s most important activity at present. It is worth highlighting our commercial activity in the different types of ferrochromium.

Ferroalloys are typically used in the manufacture of steels to add certain chemical elements that give alloyed steel or cast iron different and important characteristics.

COMETAL, whose main activity is related to ferroalloys, has a wide range of products in lumpy or cored wire to offer its customers the quality they always need.

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Ferroalloys in Cored-Wire

It is a product that specializes in the treatment of liquid steel and has perfected its ladle treatment technology through many years of practical experience and constant research and development.

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COMETAL markets a wide range of alloys based on Aluminium, Copper and Nickel for various types of applications including Aluminium castings, the manufacture of different types of brasses and bronzes and the casting of parts from these alloys, to add Magnesium, Boron, Calcium and Niobium in steels with a high/medium Nickel content, etc.

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Although COMETAL markets pure iron in different forms such as ingots, cathodes, plates, etc., it is mainly dedicated to non-ferrous metals with a special focus on silicon, chromium, copper, nickel, manganese, magnesium and molybdenum in different presentations.

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Graphite electrodes

Graphite India Limited (GIL) started its journey in 1967 as a pioneer in India in the manufacture of graphite electrodes as well as specialty carbon and graphite products. GIL’s manufacturing facilities are spread over 6 plants in India with a capacity of around 98,000 tons/year, with the German subsidiary Graphite COVA GmbH.

These electrodes are the result of a combined effort of technological innovation together with the systematic search for high purity raw materials and the use of new manufacturing techniques.

Graphite India Limited has graphite electrodes from 75mm to 750mm diameter. You can see the different specifications by opening the catalogue that we make available to you. Catalog

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Refractories for the Steel Industry

In the field of refractories for the steel industry COMETAL offers the complete range of shaped products from Puyang Refractories PRCO, which is the largest refractory supplier to the Chinese steel industry.

PRCO manufactures all types of refractories (shaped and unshaped) for various steelmaking applications. It produces some 700,000 tons of refractories in 13 production plants, with 23 subsidiaries around the world: USA, India, Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia.

PRCO owns 5 mines located in China: 2 bauxite and 3 magnesia mines. The Tibet mine and smelting plant stands out for its excellent quality and purity of magnesia: (MgO>98.4%, no B and Cl content, CaO/SiO2 >3.5/1 ratio) which facilitates a higher yield (10-30%) of magnesia carbon coatings: BOF converter, electric furnace and ladles.


The most important formed materials manufactured by PRCO are the following:

  • Magnesia carbon bricks: BOF, EAF electric furnace and ladle linings.
  • AMC and MAC bricks for ladle lining.
  • Magnesia chrome bricks for RH lining.
  • High alumina bricks for high temperature firing.
  • IIsostatic parts (black refractory): submerged pipes, submerged ladles, tundish plugs, etc.
  • Parts for ladle and tundish locking mechanisms: Plates, blocks, inner bushings, outer bushings etc.
  • Prefabricated parts: porous plugs, tundish parts, furnace vaults, plug and tundish holder blocks, etc.

COMETAL also offers technical assistance with the direct support of Puyang Refractories PRCO.

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Refractories for Stainless Steel Mills

McKeown is a North American multinational with 35 years of experience in the manufacture of refractory products, with plants and offices located in the USA, China, South Africa, South America, Europe, Mexico and India.

McKeown specializes in the manufacture of refractory products for various steelmaking applications, such as:

  • BOF converter (basic oxygen furnace)
  • EAF electric arc furnace.
  • Ladle lining
  • AOD converter for stainless steel mills.
  • Tundish refractories
  • Refractories for ingot casting.
  • RH degassing refractories
  • Flow control refractories

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Stainless Steel Scrap

COMETAL offers AISI 304 L and 316 L stainless steel scrap with Chromium and Nickel contents indicated by the corresponding certificate of analysis that accompanies each batch delivered to the customer.

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