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Since 1963, COMETAL has been an ideal partner for its customers, both nationally and internationally, ensuring them the continuous supply of their strategic raw materials, as well as facilitating our suppliers’ access to the most suitable end markets for their products, all through individual solutions tailored to their needs in a fast and efficient manner.

It is becoming increasingly important to have proven and reliable sources of raw materials supply to meet the growing demands of global markets. At the same time, raw material suppliers need to know at all times what are the specific needs of the different consumer sectors and their trends in order to evolve as quickly as possible and therefore enhance their added value. In an increasingly competitive environment with ever-tighter margins, COMETAL helps its customers and suppliers to reduce their stocks to a minimum, with the guarantee of maintaining a regular and reliable supply chain of critical raw materials for each market. Throughout our 60 years of experience in the metallurgical sector, COMETAL has been able to build up an excellent portfolio of serious, reliable and permanently proven suppliers and customers.

In accordance with our respect for environmental conservation, we have also been involved for many years in the recycling of metal-containing waste, promoting the circular economy, as can be seen in the products and services section.

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