We were founded in 1963 as a subsidiary of the Metallgesellschaft group and in 1997 the current Spanish-German shareholders acquired the company through a Management Buy-Out.

The Beginning

COMETAL was founded on March 18, 1963 as a Spanish subsidiary of the German group Metallgesellschaft AG, leader in the international mining and metallurgical raw materials sector, with the double objective of expanding the market for its products to the Iberian Peninsula and, at the same time, providing a new source of supply for its parent company. This dual condition of searching for reliable and proven sources of supply of raw materials and also for industrial customers to whom to offer them has always been COMETAL’s fundamental sign of identity..

Our Own Character

The possibility of combining German precision and reliability with Spanish creativity and agility has allowed us to offer efficient, effective and flexible solutions for both sourcing and global markets as well as for the appropiate management of metal-containing residues.

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