Vision / Mission

Our Vision

To be the partner of reference for international raw material sources and global customers.

At COMETAL, we strongly believe in solid and stable long-term relationships, based on mutual trust with both our suppliers and clients. That’s why we understand that our activities must always be underpinned by the principles of ethics, professionalism, seriousness and a service commitment that goes beyond mere commercial interests.

Our Mission

Building strong bridges between metallurgical raw materials and global markets, offering flexible solutions for producers and customers.

COMETAL is not a mere trader, our activity brings the sources of raw materials closer to the final consumer and these final consumers closer to the providers of their critical supplies. COMETAL promotes and finances projects that ensure the continuity of the supply chain of products.

The above principles are the ideal catalyst to achieve the best solutions for the raw material suppliers and end users throughout the entire lifecycle of products; in short, for COMETAL to be:


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