International Representations

Alcoa Nederland Holding B.V.

Alcoa is a global leader in the bauxite, alumina and aluminum products industry with a vision to reinvent the aluminum industry for a sustainable future. We will make this vision a reality through the talent of our people and advances in our processes and products. We have some of the best operators in the industry, with leading-edge technologies and breakthrough innovations, as well as the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of low-carbon products. We are Alcoa, turning raw potential into real progress.



In the metallurgical industry AlzChem’s strength and competence come from their long-lasting experience, high technical know-how, large production capacity and close customer relationship. Calzot® offers an effective, safe and low-cost method for nitrification in liquid metal processing as well as in nitride hardening of finished components.

Through this collaboration we offer reliability, quality, flexibility and innovation covering the most important segments within the steel industry. Based upon the strong technical and commercial service we offer a high flexibility to react to trends or to develop solutions for special demands.

For more information, please refer to the web page of AlzChem:


AMG Chrome

Ex London & Scandinavian Metallurgical Co. Limited (LSM), AMG Chrome is a highly successful manufacturer of high specification metals and alloys and an acknowledged global leader in the metals industry. AMGS is a member of the Advanced Metallurgical Group NV, (AMG), which develops and produces niche metals and complex metal products, and designs and produces advanced vacuum furnace systems. AMG serves industries worldwide with a unique combination of metallurgical engineering expertise and production know-how.


AMG Titanium Alloys & Coatings

AMG Titanium Alloys & Coatings is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of metals and high-performance materials with more than 100 years of accumulated know-how in materials technology. Its product portfolio ranges from metallic and ceramic materials for coating technology, through parent alloys and functional materials for the aerospace industry, to powder products and vanadium salts.



ASK Chemicals GmbH is one of the world’s largest suppliers of foundry chemicals, with a comprehensive product and service portfolio of binders, coatings, feeders, filters and release agents, as well as metallurgical products including inoculants, inoculation wires and master alloys for iron casting. The new company has 30 locations in 24 countries, in 16 of which it has its own production plant, and has a global workforce of around 1,600 people. With research and development in Europe, America and Asia, ASK Chemicals sees itself as the driving force behind industry-specific innovations committed to offering customers a consistently high level of quality. Flexibility, speed, quality and sustainability as well as cost-effective products and services are of key importance here.



As a global leader in technologies for recycling of catalysts and the recovery of metal components from chemical and petrochemical industrial wastes Aura Technologie GmbH offer you an environmentally-sound, confidential and highly motivated service for all aspects of recovering metals from your metal bearing residues.


Cevahir Perlite

Since Turkey holds 70% of the world’s perlite reserves, Cevahir Perlite started its mining operations there in 2012 and established its plant in Bergama, Izmir.

Due to its low density there are many commercial applications of perlite, including for example perlites for metallurgical and agricultural use as well as for the refrigeration and construction industry.

Perlites for use in metallurgy are being used in numerous iron and steel foundries with excellent results as slag binders.


Doerentrup Feuerfestprodukte GmbH

Doerentrup Feuerfestprodukte is the technology leader in high-quality refractory products for the foundry industry.



Graphite India Limited (GIL) started its journey in 1967 as a pioneer in India in the manufacture of graphite electrodes as well as specialty carbon and graphite products. GIL’s manufacturing facilities are spread over 6 plants in India with a capacity of around 98,000 tons/year.

Graphite India Limited offers graphite electrodes from 75mm to 750mm diameter. You can see the different specifications by opening the catalogue that we make available to you.



Guizhou Ninefive International Trade Co.,Ltd

Guizhou Ninefive was established in 2000 as an international trading company, mainly engaged in metallurgical and chemical materials. Among our products, we offer Ferro Phosphorus, natural barite powder, kaolin clay, etc.


HOESCH Metallurgie GmbH

HOESCH develops products for the foundry industry based on the principle that each customer is unique. The result is integrated solutions as individual as the customer. HOESCH products are based on the highest quality standards, total reliability and the best available technology.


James Durrans

James Durrans is a leading supplier of specialty carbon and sulfur products to the iron and steel industry. They market graphite, calcined anthracite and calcined petroleum coke for metallurgical applications in the field of recarburization, friction and for non-ferrous coatings.


m-tec wire GmbH

m-tec wire GmbH and m-tec powder GmbH are part of the German m-tec group. The group’s core business is the supply of additives, mainly for the steel industry. m-tec wire GmbH is m-tec’s business unit specializing in wire-encapsulated ferroalloys, which supplies all types of encapsulants for the steel industry worldwide. Its specialty is high-performance calcium treatment products for cast steel. In some cases, welded encapsulation technology is used. Welded encapsulated wires provide significantly higher performance compared to all traditional calcium treatment formats. Particularly noteworthy is the case of Max-Cal®, an extruded calcium rod that provides high and very stable metallurgical performance in liquid steel.

m-tec powder GmbH is a specialist in the field of powder metallurgy, and especially in the production of novel reagents for the desulfurization of broth and trading of magnesium, chips and ingots for various applications in different industries. In addition, m-tec powder GmbH together with its two production plants in South Africa can offer a complete range of aluminum powders in terms of chemical composition, grain size distribution and shape.

Through this new exclusive agency, we offer an innovative, reliable and flexible supply of high quality products for our Spanish and Portuguese customers in wire encapsulated ferroalloys and powder metallurgy.


Maschinenfabrik Lauffer GmbH & Co. KG

Founded in 1872, Lauffer designs and builds hydraulic presses for a variety of applications and industries. Thousands of our presses and systems are in use with our customers around the world, 365 days a year. Lauffer’s portfolio runs the gamut from individual presses to fully automated press systems. Our business units serve the metal forming and powder metallurgy industry, the rubber processing industry and plastics, as well as the electronics and packaging industries.



McKeown is a North American multinational with 35 years of experience in the manufacture of refractory products, with plants and offices located in the USA, China, South Africa, South America, Europe, Mexico and India.

McKeown specializes in the manufacture of refractory products for various steelmaking applications, such as:

  • BOF converter (basic oxygen furnace)
  • EAF electric arc furnace.
  • Spoon coating
  • AOD converter for stainless steel mills.
  • Tundish refractories
  • Refractories for ingot casting.
  • Refractory degassers RH
  • Flow control refractories

Within all these applications, Cometal has reached an agreement effective from January 2023 for the supply and technical assistance in everything related to the coatings of AOD converters (stainless steel mills) where McKeown’s experience is more than contrasted worldwide.


Nimag Group of Companies Pty. Ltd.

The origin of the Nimag Group of Companies dates back to 1962, when the manufacture of Nickel-Magnesium parent alloys was started in the small town of Magaliesburg, some 75 kilometers west of Johannesburg, South Africa. The group’s focus remains the production of high quality parent alloys to meet customer prescribed specifications.


Puyang Refractories Group Co. Ltd.

Puyang Refractories (PRCO Group) is the largest refractory supplier to the Chinese steel industry. PRCO manufactures all types of refractories (shaped and unshaped) for various steelmaking applications. It produces some 700,000 tons of refractories in 13 production plants, with 23 subsidiaries around the world: USA, India, Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia. PRCO owns 5 mines located in China: 2 bauxite and 3 magnesia mines, with the Tibet mine and smelting plant standing out for its excellent quality and purity of magnesia: (MgO>98.4%, no B and Cl content, CaO/SiO2 ratio >3.5/1) which facilitates a higher yield (10-30%) of magnesia carbon linings. BOF converter, electric furnace and ladles.


Rio Tinto Metal Powders Co. Ltd.

“From ore to powder, to meet your needs.”

Rio Tinto Metal Powders (RTMP, formerly QMP), a company with systems registered to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO/TS 16949 standards, is the only major producer in the world that manufactures iron powder from low impurity ore. Consequently, RTMP offers exceptional consistency across its entire range of iron and steel powders, including Atomet™ and FLOMET, pre-alloyed, diffusion and organic additive grades to its customers worldwide.



Shandong Longtai Industrial Ltd, located in Shandong province of China, is a comprehensive enterprise integrating chemical research, production, sales and after-sales service. It was founded in 2011 as a dedicated Cast Steel Shot and grit producer for export by centrifugal Atomizing with Single Quench to produce the “As Cast” feed stock. Modern, efficient facility known for producing consistent good quality with the flexibility to match end user needs in specification, packaging and delivery.


ThyssenKrupp Metallurgical Products

The merger of ThyssenKrupp Metallurgie and ThyssenKrupp MinEnergy in 2011 creates one of the world’s leading commodity trading companies, which will play a vital role in sectors such as the global steel industry. By providing a key link between raw material suppliers and the downstream industry, we find common ground to accommodate the needs of both parties, ensuring smooth production flows along the value chain.


Veneta Mineraria

Veneta Mineraria has acquired for more than half a century such technical expertise in the processing of mineral products that it has become a leader in the world market. The company really aims to improve the know-how already acquired and to constantly develop new solutions in order to strengthen the performance of the customers’ products.


W. Oelschläger GmbH & Co. KG

W. Oelschläger GmbH & Co. KG, is a leading German producer of deoxidation aluminum, mechanically processed aluminum granules and “ex-incinerated” aluminum.

The list of products that Cometal will distribute on a regular basis includes:

Aluminum ingots, Dabs, Mini Dabs, Pyramid, Semi-spheres and Granules, Mechanically processed granules in different shapes (from 1 to 6 granules).


Zimbabwe Alloys LTD.

Zimbabwe Alloys Limited (Zimalloys) is a Zimbabwe registered company that produces Chromium Ferroalloys such as Ferro Chromium and Ferro Silico Chromium at its own facilities located in Gweru. Zimalloys has its own chrome ore mines with vast reserves of excellent quality ore.

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