Puyang Refractories (PRCO Group) is the largest refractory supplier to the Chinese steel industry. PRCO manufactures all types of refractories (shaped and unshaped) for various steelmaking applications. It produces some 700,000 tons of refractories in 13 production plants, with 23 subsidiaries around the world: USA, India, Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia. PRCO owns 5 mines located in China: 2 bauxite and 3 magnesia mines, with the Tibet mine and smelting plant standing out for its excellent quality and purity of magnesia: (MgO>98.4%, no B and Cl content, CaO/SiO2 ratio >3.5/1) which facilitates a higher yield (10-30%) of magnesia carbon linings. BOF converter, electric furnace and ladles.

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