Cometal celebrates its 60th Anniversary

March 18, 2023

On March 18, 1963, the company COMETAL S.A. was established in Madrid. as a subsidiary of the Metallgesellschaft Group, leader in the mining-metallurgical raw materials sector until 1997, in which the current shareholders acquired the company from the German group through an MBO operation. In our evolution, the combination of both mentalities, German and Spanish, has allowed us to combine the best of each of them, rigor and reliability together with creativity and agility, thus always offering our clients effective, proven and agile solutions for your supply needs. Throughout these 60 years of continuous search for reliable and high-quality sources of raw materials, we have been increasing the scope of our activity, going from the initial mere bilateral exchange Germany-Spain, to taking shareholdings in some companies, even outside our continent. This evolution has also served to gain extensive experience in finding and offering logistics solutions for all kinds of situations, always adapted to the needs of our customers. For this we have a human team of 25 professionals, together with warehouses in Barcelona, Bilbao, Rotterdam and Vitoria-Gasteiz, all of them with Customs Warehouse. On our new and renovated website you will find an extensive catalog with all kinds of products for iron, steel and aluminum casting, as well as refractories and ferroalloys. The “Contact Us” section is at your entire disposal for any clarification or query. Also as a consequence of this increasingly broad activity, we have been able to reach agency agreements and commercial exclusivity with some of the most important international companies for the distribution of their products and services.

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