McKeown is a North American multinational with 35 years of experience in the manufacture of refractory products, with plants and offices located in the USA, China, South Africa, South America, Europe, Mexico and India.

McKeown specializes in the manufacture of refractory products for various steelmaking applications, such as:

  • BOF converter (basic oxygen furnace)
  • EAF electric arc furnace.
  • Spoon coating
  • AOD converter for stainless steel mills.
  • Tundish refractories
  • Refractories for ingot casting.
  • Refractory degassers RH
  • Flow control refractories

Within all these applications, Cometal has reached an agreement effective from January 2023 for the supply and technical assistance in everything related to the coatings of AOD converters (stainless steel mills) where McKeown’s experience is more than contrasted worldwide.

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