m-tec wire GmbH and m-tec powder GmbH are part of the German m-tec group. The group’s core business is the supply of additives, mainly for the steel industry. m-tec wire GmbH is m-tec’s business unit specializing in wire-encapsulated ferroalloys, which supplies all types of encapsulants for the steel industry worldwide. Its specialty is high-performance calcium treatment products for cast steel. In some cases, welded encapsulation technology is used. Welded encapsulated wires provide significantly higher performance compared to all traditional calcium treatment formats. Particularly noteworthy is the case of Max-Cal®, an extruded calcium rod that provides high and very stable metallurgical performance in liquid steel.

m-tec powder GmbH is a specialist in the field of powder metallurgy, and especially in the production of novel reagents for the desulfurization of broth and trading of magnesium, chips and ingots for various applications in different industries. In addition, m-tec powder GmbH together with its two production plants in South Africa can offer a complete range of aluminum powders in terms of chemical composition, grain size distribution and shape.

Through this new exclusive agency, we offer an innovative, reliable and flexible supply of high quality products for our Spanish and Portuguese customers in wire encapsulated ferroalloys and powder metallurgy.

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